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六月有奖征文:Once Loved, Once Doomed

作者:王颖 | 来源:兰州工业学院

 I grew up in a small county, before I went to college, I never saw any foreigners. So, in my mind, foreigners are like aliens with strange language and I thought it was fabulous for me to know some of them. However, when I was accepted by university, I met him---Thomas, who took an important part in shaping my future life.

He was a tall vigorous man. Although he was nearly sixty years old, you couldn’t see any footprints left by the time because of his young heart. His characteristic essence can be distilled in one word----active.

Because I am English major, fluent English is very essential for me. But I lived under the environment of mute English. It was very hard for me to open my mouth, especially when facing foreigners. Accordingly, at the beginning, I was just a listener. He found it and he encouraged me to have a try. In order to make me understood, he spoke slowly at first, and then day by day, he adjusted his speed to our progress. As a foreigner, his teaching style was totally different from our Chinese teachers. I remembered clearly that he once organized an activity to help students to conquer their shyness. Every student was offered a chance to give a speech in the front of the class. Then, other students would give him or her scores and applauded for the best one. He was kind and patient, even if some students did not say many words, he never appeared to be indifferent to them. Instead, he prompted them to do their best. Through this activity, we learned how to give a speech efficiently.

As a teacher, he was successful. He had the great talents in teaching. He always varied his teaching methods which made all the students absorb in his class. One example could illustrate it. Because he frequently heard us apprehending how difficult to find a job will be in the future, he wanted us to experience the future interview firstly, so he chose eight students to be interviewers and the others to be interviewees. These eight interviewers represented eight different occupations. The interviewees could get their long-dreamed jobs through the interview. The interviewers asked many questions and some were really hard to answer. We could really feel the intense atmosphere of being in an interview.

Thomas was a good teacher in his career and he pursed accuracy of knowledge, too.  Once I confused ‘I see’ and ‘I know’, he corrected my mistake then made it clear to me that I should not do it again. He was kind to students and treated them equally. He considered problems by exchanging his part with students, which often won students’ respect.

Thomas was a good teacher, at the same time; he was a sincere friend to me. I was a sensitive girl and I was also very susceptible. Sometimes, I became very angry and hesitant because of others misunderstanding or suggestions. At such moment, he would quietly listen to my complaints and comforted me. He cherished these conversations because he regarded them as great metal award from students’ belief to him. When we sat together, our topic was very wide, ranging from trivial things to national affairs.

But the day of his departure approaching and every time I thought this, I could not help sobbing. I remembered when he gave us the last class, all the classmates sat quietly and sadly. He refused to tell us when he left because he did not want to see students crying for him. After class, he gave me a piece of poem he wrote:

Into our tiny den of talk

A second-grader used to walk.

I cant recall from where she came

But Julia was her English name.


A chat or two or even three

We had in merry company

On culture, studies, love and books

And time went by too soon, it, looks


Your English is OK, I’d say

Perhaps we’ll meet again some day

To see what life to you has brought

Isn’t that a pleasant thought?

I wrote this essay four years ago when I was in grade three. Now, four years had passed and many things had happened, really, I have not expected that I would read this essay one day. If I can choose, I would never want to read it for it was full of memories, beautiful memories with them, Thomas and Monica. Long before, this couple gave the impression that they would never separate even at the end of the world. However, since time is passing, no one could escape the fate of being old, neither of them. But they are young, active, and energetic, all these characteristics give me the fake impression that they will live forever. Only until the sudden news came, did I finally realize that they are normal person in this society, they would get sick, even die one day.


I wish I could say that everything is perfectly OK with us, but if I did, I'd be lying.

The sad thing is that Monica has fallen very ill, suffering from bone neoplasm (cancer of the skeleton). Unfortunately, this disease cannot be cured but will be deteriorating little by little. In spite of this, she is in good spirits and we try our best to look at things from the bright side. Because of the current situation, it is a pity that we cannot make any longer trips any more, but a couple of weeks ago, we spent a week on Madeira (a mountainous island in the Atlantic off the African northwest coast) together with two friends of ours. It was really relaxing.



Monica, Thomaswife, such a beautiful and gentle lady, I never thought she would have cancer one day. When I received the e-mail from Thomas, I was shocked even denied accepting this bad news. I can not imagine without Monica, how could Thomas live on and rely on? They are the husband and wife, even soul mates. Now today, Monica has fallen very ill, maybe die one day, every time when I think about of leaving Thomas alone, my heart is painful. But what I can do, only best wishes for them, only some comforting words to them, only stay here to write these words for them.

I do not know how many people we will meet or have met like Thomas and Monica, but I must admit that they really left so many memories for us. These memories once helped me to conquer every obstacle I met, to encourage me to catch every chance I met, and to give me the right direction when I was in a crossroad. Heartedly, I thanked them so such even though they are not together with me any more.

But, I really miss them so much!

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