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六月有奖征文:Petro and I

作者:徐影超 | 来源:上海洛基英语

 If anyone asked me what was the best memory I had, I would share with you the story of my foreign teacher petro.


A few years ago when i sloppily browsing wechat moments, an advertisement about APP known as Hellotalk appeard on the screen. I pressed downlaod botton, soon this APP was installed and I found it was quite like the English version of wechat featuring sharing pictures,videos and moments.I thought it was fun to have an attempt, but to my dismay, I got no response even with my hospitable greetings. When i was about to close the APP, a beautiful blonde mug sended messages to me and we started chatting.


I learned that her name is petro and now she is teaching in a high school in Jiangsu province.she is from South Africa well known for wines and specially-made toastcheck pics below. she was really nice and her dream was to travel around and left footprints on where she loitered. we chated for a long time and our topic covered chinese culture and latest news, I couldnt help sharing our splendid culture such as The Great wall,confucius thought,the successful lanuch of shegnzhou-11, G20 summit,the spirit of Long March.She gave me her wechat number at last and said we could be good friend .


Our talking became more frequent and she spilled out her private information. she was extremely vulnerable and sensitive to people and things around her because she was maltreated by her ex-husband who was refered to as a scum. she sobed and shivered when she recalled her "dark period". she said it was the worst nightmare she had ever been. but that also gave her courage to be strong and independent. and that is the reason why she travelled around to learn more about the world. she enjoyed the life and culture now in China. I was truly happy for her.


But later, I discovered that she gradually became tacituren and less intitiative. At first, she said she did not want to disturb me,but under my barrage of "what is going on?", she finally compromised and uttered that she could not bear how her director treated her. she always wanted to continue her education but got teased and "educated" by her director," what is the point of doing this? Just do what I ask you to do" .The director even forced her to work overtime and mounted her large loads of work she did not have to do according to the contract. she was "enslaved" for a long time before the last straw triggered her emotional collaspse. I knew how it felt like with empathy, So I consoled her to think about sth good in life and do not let disturbing annoyance get in her way. she was grateful to me for what I did and agreed to have a meet with me face to face.


she stood me up on our first appointment. but I did not get discouraged. I knew very well what she had been through and it must be very hard for her to trust anyone now . The very next day, Halloween came, she told me that her high school would hold a Halloween party and faculty staffs were required to wear Halloween constumes. she asked me if she looked nice in bunny costume, I replied positive and gave her a thumb up. but I told her if she wanted to be the super star, constume with Chinese elements would definitely be ice on the cake. she was totally fascinated and persuaded. she asked me how she could get one and I said I would give her a surprise


It took roughly 2.5 hour long journey before I appeared at her renting apartment. her dropping jaw looked like a silent version of oh my god when she opened the door. when I brought her the panda costume with a hoodie at the top, she was super moved and said she liked it so much. Luckily, everything went smoothly, she became the party queen and received warm welcome and applause. After the party. she invited me to a neighboring restautant and apologized to me about not showing up on the first appointment. Her mood hit bottom low when recent unpleasant things kept flushing in her mind so she just wanted to be alone.


After her sensational buzz, she shot to her fame among her students and colleagues,even her director softened her attitude. she became quite talkative, kept nagging that she felt like riding rollar coaster,she was on the right track now, soaring upward, wha is more,she passed the chinese language test, which brings her closer to the dream of further study in China.I couldn't express how joyful I was for her hard work and achievements.


When I reminisced the good old day, I couldn't help tasting the friendship we had back then. language might be a barrier but your sincere heart may warm every soul regardless of age,sex and nationality. some say our society is changing so fast that we all become indifferent to frindship or even kinship, that money can buy everything, so it is nothing wrong to be materialistc. but I couldn't quite agree. I never say money is not important.i only want to emphasize that life is so short,so many beatiful things even the slightest daily rountin deserve our time to appreciate. truth is that materialism will only make us become the slave to money. A happy and complete life is not all about making money, it is more about knowing who you really arewhat you want be and how you can be of great avail to our society and country. Petro still kept upgrading her moments on wechat sharing her unforgetable expericence in China and her nice journey to further continue to study and learn about profound chinese culture. If that helps fostering communicaion and bond between China and the rest of the world ,I will volunteer to be the chinese envoy.

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