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 What has been happening in China since my arrival in 2003 cannot in any case, not dazzle the human mind. Feeling concerned, even if one is not Chinese, is simply an impulse toward his own ego. The "ego" that aspires to well-being; that loves nature, peace, harmony, cohesion, unity and development.


As an observer - and I stand such as in the view of my field of research (the fine arts) - I will try to be more objective in this point of view when describing the changes seen from the eyes of foreigners living in China, but also I will be subjective in my personal judgment. My point of view is free in this perspective, and its sense touches the imaginative of the one who aspires to well-being and harmony. Therefore, I opt for a narrative style to enlarge the field of reading and interest different layers of ages. If certain details are not described, it is because of their importance. For what I want to emphasize are the aspects of education and training that I believe are the first triggers for development. This view is praiseworthy and not flattering but is optimistic because its author sees only good and exercises his eye to see it especially in what is full of seriousness and excellence. Through this, I would like the foreigners who read me to find not only an example to follow for a patriotism, but also constantly consider the model of excellence and the irradiating nature they bear, while living in The People's Republic of China.


''Observer?'' The freedom of opinion would question why should an artist write when historiographers, media specialists, journalists are better placed to do so. To this possible preoccupation, if and only if it is one, I will reply that writing is also a form of painting which the artist can use to realize a work. And I see myself obliged to clarify that this must be seen first as, in my opinion, a congratulations message addressed to the Chinese people; And then a question for any African about the future of his own continent by considering China as a model.


The years between 2003 and 2016 painted under a blue sky the will, education, genius, patriotism and love of nature on a canvas prepared by education. This education, without taking into account other sociocultural parameters, is born in the family, strengthened and nurtured in schools, the real environment where the growth of young is effective, makes man doubly conscious. "Conscious of who he is and what he is". My stay in China, makes me bold to realize that in every impulse of development there is the coexistence of education, instruction and so many other values ​​inherent in human being. That is why, in speaking of national education, I should like to congratulate all schools and universities, including training and specialization centers, centers of professional research and practice, academies, both military and artistic, And Chinese development agencies ... in all, the Chinese people.


This point of view is also, I insist, for any foreigner living in China, an interrogation on what it is with respect to his own identity. So, proud of having lived in China for more than a decade, I cannot keep quiet and not say a word to this eloquent splendor. The development of China.


The observation was a way to collect data of my writing. I used it not as a method of scientific research based on empirical data, but rather as a means of providing an impetus to questioning and to the search for causes. Thus, I sought to know what were the causes of the success of China? Also, for the case that is ours (Foreigners from Africa), will these causes be the same? If so, will they lead to the same results? Indeed, how was the underpinning of Chinese development? How despite the overpopulation of China and the foreigners who live in, the food sector remains flourishing? China, after six decades is among the great nations on the planet, how to look at it? China into the space, what technological boom? So many questions.


The answer can immediately be given without dithering because the result is such as that no one would doubt what Chinese is capable of. For good and solid reasons, I express my judgment and my point of view while congratulating, I repeat it, the one that is at the basis of the education and instruction of this people who continues to write through the pages of the twenty-first century, with the indelible ink, its history already millennial.


The rebirth of a Giant


The human mind embraces fascinatingly the history of the civilizations of nations. Among the most well-known of which I will quote: Egypt, Greece, Persia, Rome, Celts... The one which attract with enthusiasm human intelligence is no doubt other than Chinese civilization because it has not been broken. When elsewhere we see traces of civilization only through the vestiges of the past, historical narratives and monuments; In China, we see it not only through the documents cited above, but also through its culture, its daily life, its writing and so on. The Chinese people inherit a long tradition of cultural, intellectual, moral and spiritual values; Its long history of more than at least 5000 years is rich in all aspects of human life. The Chinese civilization finds correspondences throughout all the epochs of prehistory and those of history. Archaeological excavations are eloquent about this, as the ancient texts and the historical accounts of the various authors prove it. Discoveries are hierarchized from one epoch to another; Philosophers, writers, thinkers, China counts them per thousand. The genius already existed in China since it is no secret to anyone that the paper (zhǐ), the compass 指南针 (zhǐnánzhēn), the gunpowder 火药 (huǒ yào), the printing 印刷 (yìn shuà ) Are Chinese inventions. And since then they have been of considerable benefit to all mankind in explorations, maritime expeditions, air navigation, publications, editions, new technology, etc.


Using examples and bibliographic references to support this point of view or to demonstrate the greatness of China will lead me to an endless litany of works and authors quotes. What is most important is that in observing the progress of China, one notices its singular character: the will of all ages to make of its territory a great, prosperous, strong and powerful nation. (Akonga claims)


Indeed, to mention the rebirth in this point of view, cannot be confused with pure lyricism of the author that I am. It is a truth ignored by many people, especially those of the present generation. It would be an aberration to think that the development of China has barely begun. As it is, one would be at the risk of denying the China Greatness. What makes China a great nation lies in its history. On a cultural and institutional level, the foundations of Chinese society were established centuries ago. And, the truth is that China has always been '' Great ''. China, as Guillaume Pauthier says, was the great civilization whose people had mastered the flooding flood and whose industry had preceded by thousands of centuries Western industry which is up to our day dependent on its products (chinese). This assertion of G. Pauthier would be seen as utopian or apophantic, when it is not, considering the technological means available to the ancient civilizations to deal with the natural calamities of the order of the flood Diluvian (deluge). Their only means was the power of the will. Chinese civilization goes back beyond historical ages and its development has not had the support of any foreign civilization.


Speaking of the rebirth of a Giant, I am referring to China's new rise in the last six decades and not to an absence for a definite period of time in history. Therefore, it is a privilege for me to question the consciousness of the human being that I am, about the capacity of men who arm themselves with will, education, instruction, love and sacrifice to achieve such a level of competence. I do not want to rewrite history by insisting on these vocabularies: rebirth and giant. If this subject makes its entry into history through publications, I should like to take great account of historical facts. For, '' history written on the basis of real data is one that cannot be falsified ''. (Akonga quote)


The history through images, an exhibition in 2009 showing the progress of China


The sinogram is used to write Chinese. The reference to images and figures of nature is at the origin of Chinese writing. The drawing of the eye for example gave birth to the character (Mù). By rotating this character in a quarter turn to the left or to the right, taken horizontally, we have a stylized and geometricized drawing of an eye. The same is for the rest of the characters. Especially those of the traditional Chinese according to which they would represent this or that other object in the nature. This is how I understood the reason for the two great exhibitions held in Beijing on the 60th anniversary of the PRC. One in the National Museum and the other in the big city gallery北京展览馆(Běijīng zhǎnlǎnguǎn). Both were visited by thousands of people.


Images, photographs, three-dimensional geographic and historical maps, documentaries and sound documents traced the history of China over the past six decades. Children, young students, civil servants, men and women of all ages were to soak up their history. The theme of the exhibition at the National Museum was '' The Road to Restoration '' 之 路 路 (Fùxīng zhīlù). That of the great gallery was focused on development. This exhibition, twice larger than that of the National Museum, was held far from the city center. At  Xi Zhimen Wai 外 外 (Xīzhímén Wài).


What I was able to remember when I came out of the one and the other, was only the will to educate and educate a people must be a priority before everything in order to be able to lay the true foundations of development. Almost all the ministries had exhibited. We had access to reports from organizations, business projects, reports of major achievements, statistics sheets ... There were several sections in the showroom.


The scientific research and education section. In addition to strategies to improve teaching, which are already very advanced, there were, among other things: concrete projects in technology development, programs based on space research, statistics on the performance of previous research. These research programs covered all sectors of society. High-resolution images on the moon's cartography were displayed. The models of the satellites and the diving suit worn by one of the heroes of space were as well. In this section the progress of the technology was visible.


The industry section, construction and major works exhibited countless achievements since 1949. I dwelt more on those started or finished after my arrival in China. As for building on the national level, buildings and buildings grow like mushrooms in Chinese cities, the cities are born every year. The rehabilitation works are so permanent that the roads, railways remain in perfect condition.


Internationally, there is the construction of the gigantic terminal 3 of the Beijing airport. His works started on March 28, 2004 and finished on February 29, 2008 have made this terminal the largest in the world, 790 meters wide, 2900 meters long and 45 meters high, covering an area of ​​986,000 m2, with more than 1800 flights and landings per day. Its opening has propelled the capacity of the airport of Beijing. It was estimated at 82,000,000 passengers per year according to last year's statistics. The Olympic Stadium and Olympic Village, a great achievement that the whole world recognizes.


Another record. The largest railway network with the largest train station in the world. The south station is located in Beijing with a solar panel roof. This roof is made of 3,264 panels. Each year, its energy expenditure is around 180 000 KWh. And, It hosts nearly a million passengers per day.


Another thing impressive is the model of the hydroelectric power station of Hu bei 湖北 (Húběi). According to its actual description, this dam is the largest in the world, its length is 2,335 meters and has a height of 100 meters.


Another way of reading the story in this exhibition was the access to the vast geographical maps in bas-reliefs embedded in the glazed pavements of certain sections, as by walking on it, one had the leisure to have the totality of view of a region presented either of a tourist or archaeological site. Most agricultural products such as grains were thus exhibited in the agronomy section. The Resource and Environment section also had this type of presentation.


This exhibition had a total of 12 sections including agronomy, industry, basic structures, scientific research / education, culture, public health / environment, economy, natural resources / environment, ethnic minorities, national defense, autonomous regions and foreign affairs.


The education and instruction of a people are worth the survival of a nation.


Based on observed facts and trying to answer some questions that appeared on the surface of my intellect, seeing first the development agenda of China, cooperation in the field of education with the rest of the world; In addition to the assistance of other structures, education, instruction, will and patriotism are the first elements of my response.


Why education and training? Because only well-educated and well-educated men with a keen awareness of who they are and what they are, regardless of age and gender, are capable of such performance. What leads me to such affirmations can be seen through the television programs and the media, on the history of China and its development. To see them, it is possible to admit that education lays down in man values ​​that make him useful for the society.


Indeed, this view of education has irreversibly led me to read some recent reports dealing with education, scientific and technological research. This, in turn, demonstrates once again the important role that education plays in the development of a country. In this, China is adapting its educational system to the model of the society it wants to build. Thus one will say investing in man through education is to ensure the survival of a nation.


The success of the educational system, and the evolutions since the founding of the motherland, are examples which will not fail to inspire those who, on Chinese soil, continue to live the transformations which take place for the good of all.


Foreigners living in China. If I have the privilege of illustrating in writing the progress of China where we are staying temporarily, I will refer to the famous phrase of Neil Armstrong pronounced from the moon. But I will say: '' the small step of a giant is a leap for the dwarf, the heavy step of a giant is a sprint for the dwarf ''. Enjoy our stay in China to learn more about their technology. What China has just achieved is only the minimum of its real capacity. What China achieved in sixty seven years was for the great powers of yesterday centuries of trial and error. That is why we must take advantage of it so that we can be present when China makes its great leap which will lead humanity to the peace it aspires to.


Give education all our attention so that one day we will be among the main actors in the global village.


Let us remember that the world is organized. Planetary village, in other words, globalization, constantly taunts the powerful states of the planet, who, in their turn, continue to explore the ways of science to keep their identity label: great power, economic power, great military force , And what else do I know. Referring to the budgets that these great powers allocate to education and scientific research, one must ask so many questions about the purpose and the objectives assigned. If politics, economy, and army are the powers of a state, education and instruction are for these powers the soul and the sap. (Akonga quote). This view, although personal, is met the approval of those who would attempt to oppose it; In spite of the crisis, some big powers have doubled their budgets to reach whatever the price, the objectives previously defined.

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