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六月有奖征文:Giving and Gaining in Fantastic Intercultural Communication

作者:闫心蕊 | 来源:安徽工业大学

       Being an English major, I have always considered myself lucky to know my foreign teachers in this small and lovely city. During the two years, I have learned a lot from them and enjoyed sharing ideas and actually experiencing different cultures during our great moments together, which I believe, will be among the most wonderful memories in my life. I truly appreciate their passion influencing me, their confidence in me and their patience to teach and guide me...

Mark-Erudite and Humorous Old Man

Having stayed in China for over 6 years, Mark and his wife have already seen and known tons of Chinese traditions and etiquette. What matters most is that they love it here! He is the first foreign teacher I knew in this university, and also the most humorous and knowledgeable teacher I have ever met.

To start with, his class is so vivid and relaxed that even the most nervous students dare to speak English and express opinions to him, and never had I seen him lose temper or confidence with his students. Besides, it is obvious that he will always do lots of preparations before class to add more funny elements to it despite his age. In addition, what was worth appreciating is that Mark always put all his hearts to the progress of students and I was moved by his encouraging and helping me. When I was lost in orienting my direction in the future, he gave me lots of inspirations and once took me to Nanjing to meet a great American Professor who is his old friend. Whenever we both had time, we will catch up over a cup of coffee. From British literature to Chinese history, he can always fill me in lots of new and interesting ideas and concepts. In return, I am glad that I can usually be of help for them in ordering tickets, doing some transactions in the bank and so forth.

Philip-Low Key and Great Tennis Player

As a mixed race of Finland and America, tall and handsome Philip that is just over 30 years old is always popular among his students and his shaven-head is as bright as ivory, which makes him look more intelligent. After knowing that he is a Math major graduating from university of Virginia, my admiration and respect for him only grew in that my math is quite poor. Through talking to him, I found that he is really modest and versatile and always ready to learn new things, especially Chinese.

One thing that pretty much every students of him knows is that he is an excellent tennis player who has won countless times in tennis competitions held for teachers. And currently, he is picking up jujitsu. Anyway, his love for sports kind of inspired my passion for jogging and yoga that are now indispensable part of my life! Furthermore, he was also my coach for an English speech contest that was held not long ago, and there is no denying that I might not be able to get the third place and the amazing opportunity for the national English speech contest in March next year without his help and encouragement. Also, I broadened my horizons through communicating with him because of his meticulous thoughts in analyzing cases and his introduction of his hometown Finland as well as its culture.

Matthew and Claire- Passionate and Positive Young Americans

Just a few months after I knew them, I was so overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and hospitality that is so typical of Americans. Because of the similar age, we have talked so much about pop culture and different traditions between China and America, which to some extent, have plenty of similarities too, and it is even more so with the trend of globalization.

In their classes, students are all encouraged to talk freely and often get praises and incentives and I can see that they also very responsible teachers who spend lots of time in designing impressive and innovative teaching plans so as to further motivate students to speak English as much as possible. Therefore, they could do their best to solve the thorny issue that Chinese students mostly excel in reading and writing instead of listening and speaking.Obstacles always exist and new problems keep cropping up, however, they never lost faith and are getting more desirable results. Apart from giving lessons, the rest time is usually taken up by grading papers and lesson planning. Additionally, it so happened that the place that we were going for a competition in the US is where Matt spent his 4 years in college and where his girlfriend stays, so during my stay in Boston, I delivered the letters Matt wrote for her and took her gifts to him when I was back, which made me an adorable Cupidpassing love on! He had also given me many guidance for visiting Boston and I got to experience a different and amazing culture there in a real sense which Claire and Matthew had been shedding light on. Days ago, we also had Thanksgiving dinner together, during which I was truly infatuated by their homemade pies, mulled wines, mashed potatoes and fried chips,etc. The authentic American food actually reminded me of the beautiful Boston again. Though the cultural differences put a damper on our conversation, I was still so pleased to gain a broader range of the panorama of American society as well as introducing the profound Chinese customs to them and obliged to be treated as friends. When it comes to their favorite place in China, they said that there are still numerous scenic spots to explore. The last time they visited Changbaishan they were mesmerized by the paradise-like beauty there. Matthew extolled: Changbaishan itself was, though mobbed, a marvel of nature and a testament to the profound beauty that we can find all over the world!

In a nutshell, our relationship grows day by day, so does the friendship between our nations. Through our mutual understanding and respect, we have been giving and gaining though our wonderful communication among different cultural backgrounds. As for them, in spite of their different ages, they all share one thing in common: they love this city that they are living in and they are looking forward to digging more about this land of wonder-China! 

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